Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Worry About 2012

Author: Joseph Toth

Don’t Worry About 2012

There’s a lot of buzz about the year 2012, and it being the year of devastation. You have people from all walks of life trying to apply predictions to December of 2012, including some professionals and historians. I’ve heard people refer to different types of troubles they think should be expected from this calendar time frame.

Listening to the way the human mind can work when a level of fear or an unknown element is introduced is just amazing. First of all, …the people concerned about this may actually have some fears that were fed by stories they’ve absorbed in life. Our lifestyle of being a society that watches a lot of television and movies really doesn’t help this either. Our minds become very influential, resulting in things like this concern about 2012, or back when the calendar changed from 1999 to 2000 (Y2K).

I recently had an encounter with a grown man, older than I am …who is absolutely beside himself because of this 2012 thing that’s going on. I caught him talking about this with someone else. After the other person left the area, I approached him saying I overheard him talking about 2012. This resulted in a lengthy conversation between the two of us on this matter. No, …I wasn’t buying into the fact that tragedy would strike, nor was I patronizing this man by no means. Rather, I would call it educating myself on how some people are using this date to predict the end of the world, when its not.

First I’d like to point something out. Calendars and clocks are man-made time keeping devices. There isn’t another life form on this huge planet, or in this galaxy that uses these time keeping methods. They are proprietary to the human race only. Animals, birds and sea creatures have no clue that humans use names and numbers for the days of the week, or that we call 365 days a year. Mother earth knows nothing of human time keeping either. To lock in a particular time frame for the end of the world is simply ridiculous.

Secondly, …as for the earth being riddled with worldwide earthquakes and storms, or the fear that the earth will stop rotating on its axis, or that continents will shift is just plain and simple ‘Hog Wash’.

Continents shifting is an event that takes tens of thousands of years to do, and it doesn’t happen all at once. This happens so slowly that life forms of any kind, including humans, would never even notice it happening.

If the rotation of the earth slows down, this would definitely change gravitational pull, which you would notice simply by standing on your bathroom scale. If the rotation of the earth would slow down, the earth’s gravity would get weaker. This means when you step on your bathroom scale, you could get a reading of 20 to 100 pounds lighter than normal. I don’t know about everybody else, but I way myself every morning …for the last two years or so my weight has been very consistent. Trust me, the earth is not slowing down or going to stop rotating.

Mother earth isn’t even showing signs of being sick, yet alone going to die in two years.

What do I think is going to happen on the 2012 date in question? I’ll tell you.

My alarm clock is going to go off in the morning; I’ll eat and shower before heading to work. I’ll come home after work so I can get a good nights sleep and do it all over again the next day, and the next day, and for decades to come until I grow old and gray.

People made a big fuss over Y2K too, only to find out it was really nothing.

Reporter Joseph Toth

Washington Micro Bank BBS

About the Author:

I was raised in Wisconsin as a hard working individual. As a teenager I worked on a farm until I became a adult. I have never worked less than two jobs at a time until I turned 44.

I don’t, … (and never have) smoke, drink, drug or gamble. In 2005 I successfully gave up caffeine entirely and haven’t had any since.

My hobbies are automobiles, electronics, driving and photography.

I have many friends, and I am well known in the tri-village area I live in.

My adult careers that stayed with me long term are ‘commercial driver’ and ‘loss prevention agent’.

My dislikes in life include bullies, the civilian ownership of ‘exotic’ firearms, organized crime, pornography and people who beat females and children.

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