Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Philippines Veteran Got Check For Lump-sum

Finally after the long months of waiting my grandfathers check was got into the hands of my mother. My mother was the one who is taking care of filing and getting the necessary documents for my grandfather because my he can't travel that much because of his old age. The check was from US bank amounting to $ 9,000.00. According to the local banks here in the Philippines it will take up to 2 to 3 weeks for that check to be cleared because it is from outside our country.
By the way let me tell you something about my veteran grandfather, his name was Nicanor Luz as of today his physical condition was still okay in spite of his old age, he can still walk, he don't have difficulties in hearing and the only problem is he got some loss of his memory, he can't recognize most of his family. But if you ask him about the war and how fight, he can still remember every bit of the story. Until now he still have the anger against the Japanese, when you told him that there is a Japanese near by he closed his fist and say "where are those Japanese I will kill them, they make us all suffer". I know that he suffered a lot and sacrifice a lot, that's why until now he can still feel that way.
The sacrifices of every Filipino veterans during the WWII is really priceless, but still we should be thankful that US still recognizes all their efforts for fighting our freedom.

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